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How to Kill your Husband's Ex, Attorneys and Then Some

Ass Kickin' Advice for Stepmoms

Ditch those touchy-feely books on how to “blend” a family and sit yourself down for some real advice on surviving Stepmotherhood. That’s right. Being a stepmom can sometimes feel like grenades lobbed at you and without anything to protect yourself. But I’ve got your back, girl. This book is your trusty shield, providing you with dozens of tips and awesome advice on how to manage an unyielding ex, unruly stepkids, money, attorneys and ill-meaning in-laws. More than 25 years in the making, How to Kill Your Husband’s Ex, Attorneys and Then Some gives you information you need to take back your power and overcome many of the issues that arise when marrying someone with kids. So, lock the stepkids in their room, stop throwing darts at the ex’s picture and settle in for what will be one of the most eye-opening instructional manuals you’ve read since the Kama Sutra (where someone else might now get screwed).

The Road to Nē

A remarkable little tale about getting what you want by giving up just one little thing.

Discover the one thing separating you from your dreams in this award-winning book. If you have ever wondered how others achieve the lives they envisioned, pushed your own dreams to the background or allowed them to evaporate altogether or thought there must be a secret successful people know and if only you knew this secret you, too, could begin living the life of your dreams, you will want to follow Sam on the Road to Nē. Entwined in this powerful allegory is the roadmap you need to realize your dreams.